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Fibs, squibs, and trading digs
Is it any wonder the public is often bemused about the merits of trade policy?

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In his book "Why Politicians Lie About Trade ... and What You Need to Know About It," Dmitry Grozoubinski addresses the lack of understanding and misinformation surrounding trade policy. The book aims to provide a guide to trade policy, helping readers to better understand the field and engage more actively in trade policy debates. Grozoubinski, a former officer in the Australian Mission to the World Trade Organisation, covers a range of topics including free trade agreements, customs unions, and the WTO. He also addresses the relevance of trade policy to contemporary public policy challenges such as climate change and national security. The book is praised for its engaging and accessible language, as well as its balanced and neutral presentation of information. The author's goal is to serve as a "bullshit detector," enabling individuals to puncture embellishment, exaggeration, and lies. The book is recommended for all interested Australians as it provides valuable information on complicated trade policy topics and themes, and encourages a more sophisticated and democratic debate on future trade policy options and opportunities.