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Europe must invent a new social, economic and climate geopolitics!

Europe must invent a new social, economic and climate geopolitics!
Europe is turning its back on its history, damaging its international moral credibility, and condemning itself to a geopolitical miniature

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Europe's future is at a crossroads, with the continent facing a decision on whether to focus on defense or social, economic, and climate objectives. The ongoing debates leading up to the European elections have been dominated by geopolitical issues such as the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, as well as rising tensions between the West and the China-Russia bloc. While some argue for a more defense-oriented future, others believe that Europe should prioritize social, educational, scientific, and climate goals. The article suggests that Europe should focus on influencing other countries through economic and financial sanctions, law, and social justice, rather than military means. It also highlights the need for Europe to invest in health, education, research, infrastructure, and social justice. The article emphasizes the importance of promoting and perfecting Europe's social, economic, and democratic model to expand its influence in the world. It also calls for the development of new types of financial sanctions and the seizure of Russian assets located in Europe. The article concludes by warning that Europe is turning its back on its history and damaging its international moral credibility by prioritizing defense over other objectives.