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Ep. 24 - Russia's Naval Manoeuvres and Kremlin's Strategy

Ep. 24 - Russia's Naval Manoeuvres and Kremlin's Strategy
In the latest episode of the Geopolitical Report Podcast, we analysed the Russia's maritime strategy as a component of its broader foreign policy.

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The latest episode of the SpecialEurasia Geopolitical Report Podcast delves into Russia's maritime strategy and its impact on foreign policy. The Russian Pacific Fleet recently conducted joint military exercises with Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea, showcasing Moscow's intent to project power and enhance its naval capabilities in key maritime regions. A detachment of Northern Fleet ships also made an unofficial visit to Cuba, following high-precision missile weapon exercises. These maneuvers highlight Russia's readiness to deploy advanced military assets in strategic locations and reaffirm its influence in the Western Hemisphere. The collaborative efforts between the Russian and Egyptian navies during the exercises involved intricate operational activities, signaling a deepening of military ties between the two nations. The Russian naval detachment's itinerary included port visits and joint exercises with various navies, showcasing Russia's commitment to forging strategic partnerships and enhancing maritime security in crucial waterways. Overall, Russia's maritime strategy remains a cornerstone of its efforts to project power and safeguard its geopolitical interests on the global stage. For further information and reports about Russia's maritime strategy, contact