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A recent study by Nasdaq-listed Zebra Technologies has revealed that 61% of manufacturers expect AI to drive growth in the sector by 2029, up from 41% in 2024. The study, released on June 21, also found that 92% of survey respondents are prioritizing digital transformation, but are facing obstacles such as the cost and availability of labor, scaling technology solutions, and the convergence of IT and operational technology. Despite these challenges, manufacturers are looking to leverage new technologies, including AI, to improve data management and visibility throughout the manufacturing process. Zebra Technologies believes that their solutions can help manufacturers achieve higher levels of security and manageability, as well as new analytics to elevate business performance. Additionally, the study found that manufacturers are planning to reskill labor, augment workers with mobility-enabling technology, and implement automation solutions to address quality management issues. These findings suggest that manufacturers are looking to integrate and augment workers with AI and other technologies to transform manufacturing and build a skilled workforce over the next five years.