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Elite Interactive Solutions vows cybersecurity vigilance

Elite Interactive Solutions vows cybersecurity vigilance
The firm reaffirms its commitment to safeguard customer systems amidst cybersecurity challenges.

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Elite Interactive Solutions, a company specializing in remote video guarding, has announced that its systems and services are equipped with the highest level of cybersecurity protections and protocols. This comes in the wake of recent high-profile cyberattacks, including one that affected thousands of auto dealers through CDK Global's management software. Elite's CTO, Jonathan Kozak, emphasized that the company has prioritized cybersecurity from the beginning, providing end-to-end solutions and continuous monitoring to prevent hacking. The company's surveillance networks are independent and pre-isolated from customer networks, ensuring uninterrupted service during enterprise network outages. Elite also utilizes the Beyond Trust platform to protect identities and fortify breach points. Kozak reassured customers that Elite's solution is designed to withstand even nation-state sponsored threats.