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Council Calls for Preservation of Steward Hospitals

Council Calls for Preservation of Steward Hospitals
Steward Health Care System, LLC (Steward) is an integrated healthcare system and one of the nation’s largest private for-profit healthcare networks, owning over

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The Boston City Council has called for the preservation of Steward hospitals in the city, including Carney Hospital and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center. Steward Health Care System, LLC, which owns over 30 hospitals in nine states, including these two in Boston, has filed for bankruptcy. The resolution adopted by the Council seeks a commitment from the state government to ensure the continued operation of these hospitals, which serve a significant population of BIPOC and economically disadvantaged residents. The fate of these hospitals is of great concern to the Council, as the loss of these facilities would pose a significant risk to the health and well-being of the communities they serve.