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Conservative Christians are lending support — and cash — to Israel at war

Conservative Christians are lending support — and cash — to Israel at war
There is a growing number of Christians around the world looking to visit Israel, driven by the desire to show support for the country and Jews as popular support for Israel falters.

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Conservative Christians, particularly evangelicals, have been showing their support for Israel, both through financial donations and volunteer work, in the wake of the recent conflict in Gaza. Many Christians feel a strong connection to Israel due to their religious beliefs and the interpretation of biblical teachings. This support has led to millions of dollars being donated to organizations in Israel, as well as an increase in volunteer missions to the country. However, not all Christian organizations are in support of Israel's actions, with some actively calling for an end to the military actions in Gaza. Despite the controversy, the Christian support has brought in millions of dollars and volunteers to Israel, particularly in the West Bank, where the conflict has led to an increase in threats and the need for additional security measures. The conflict has also sparked a change in emphasis for Christian Zionists, with more focus on humanitarian efforts rather than political support. Despite some criticism, many Christians are dedicated to standing with Israel and are actively working to support the country.