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Chevron doctrine ruling a ‘gut-punch’ for US health and environment – experts

Chevron doctrine ruling a ‘gut-punch’ for US health and environment – experts
Decision that overturned convention of deference to federal agencies could upend regulations on tobacco, drugs and medical bills

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Supreme Court decision could upend regulations on everything from tobacco to pharmaceuticals

The Supreme Court's recent decision to overturn the "Chevron doctrine" could have far-reaching effects on regulations across various industries, experts have warned. The 40-year-old legal framework, which directed courts to defer to the expertise of federal agencies, has been overturned, giving courts the final say over highly technical regulations. This decision is expected to impact areas such as tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and surprise medical bills, as well as divert funding from staff experts to attorneys. The ruling has been cheered by big business and Republican allies, but has been criticized by liberal justices. The decision is expected to have profound implications for agencies with highly technical work, such as the FDA, the EPA, and the CMS. The ruling could also lead to more influence from special interest groups during bill drafting and increase "court shopping" as attorneys seek friendly venues.