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Center Prepares for 2024 U.S. Election

Center Prepares for 2024 U.S. Election
The Carter Center has a hard-earned reputation as a fair, impartial observer of elections overseas. It brought its electoral expertise to a U.S. election for the first time by observing Georgia’s post-election risk-limiting audit in 2020, and its domestic focus has grown ever since.

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The Carter Center Prepares to Bring Expertise to U.S. Election in 2024

The Carter Center, known for its impartial observation of elections overseas, is gearing up to bring its expertise to the November 2024 U.S. election. The organization's focus on the domestic front has grown since its first observation of Georgia's post-election risk-limiting audit in 2020.

Barbara Smith, the Carter Center’s vice president of peace programs, stated that the organization aims to strengthen trust in the U.S. election system and encourage civil discourse among citizens. The Center has been recruiting leaders from both sides of the political spectrum in six swing states to facilitate fact-based discussions about issues.

The organization also recognizes the role of faith communities in promoting healthy conversations and has partnered with law schools and legal associations to provide lawyers with election-specific knowledge and skills. Additionally, the Center has published a mental health wellness guide for election workers who have faced threats and harassment.

The Carter Center supports international election standards and is working to ensure that all citizens have an equal opportunity to exercise their voting rights. The organization also plans to support state-based actors in Montana, New Mexico, and California to provide well-documented public reports and recommendations on how to improve electoral processes.

For more information, visit the Carter Center Democracy Program's website.