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Bitfarms' Bold US Expansion: 35 EH/s Bitcoin Mining by 2025?

Bitfarms' Bold US Expansion: 35 EH/s Bitcoin Mining by 2025?
Bitfarms, a leading global Bitcoin mining company, has announced a strategic move into the U.S. market with a major expansion plan set

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Bitfarms, a prominent Bitcoin mining company, has revealed plans for a major expansion into the U.S. market. The company aims to establish a large-scale mining facility in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection (PJM) region, taking advantage of the area's low-cost and flexible electricity market. This move is expected to increase Bitfarms' mining capabilities significantly, with the new site alone supporting 8 EH/s by 2025. The company has set an ambitious target of achieving over 35 EH/s by 2025, representing a substantial increase from its current capacity. Bitfarms' expansion into the U.S. not only signifies a strategic move for growth but also highlights the company's commitment to sustainability. By actively participating in PJM's demand response programs, Bitfarms aims to contribute to grid reliability and earn additional revenue, showcasing a proactive approach to integrating Bitcoin mining into the existing energy infrastructure. This bold expansion into the U.S. positions Bitfarms to capitalize on the growing demand for Bitcoin and contribute to the future of this evolving digital asset.