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Bitcoin - A serious threat to decentralization

Bitcoin - A serious threat to decentralization
Registrations are fading, but the damage is already significant. Let's take a look back at this harm that is undermining the decentralization of Bitcoin.

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The article discusses the importance of Inscriptions in Bitcoin transactions and the negative impact they have on decentralization. Inscriptions are data that are inserted into Bitcoin transactions, causing bloat in the blockchain and resulting in a significant increase in the time required to set up a node. The article also highlights the potential threat that inscriptions pose to the decentralization of the Bitcoin network and recommends using the BitcoinKnots client as a solution. The author also emphasizes the need for intelligent and responsible use of inscriptions to prevent negative impacts on Bitcoin's decentralization. The article concludes with a disclaimer that the views expressed are solely those of the author and should not be considered as investment advice.