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Backgrounder: 2024 Russia-DPRK Pact | Geopolitical Monitor

Backgrounder: 2024 Russia-DPRK Pact | Geopolitical Monitor
The Russia-DPRK pact falls short of being a geopolitical game-changer, but it is reflective of an evolving Asia-Pacific security framework.

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Russia and North Korea have recently signed a comprehensive strategic partnership pact, including a mutual defense clause that promises immediate military aid against third-party attacks. This pact involves significant military cooperation, with North Korea supplying artillery shells, ammunition, and ballistic missiles crucial for Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine. This deepening military cooperation poses multiple threats to global and US interests, as it facilitates the flow of North Korean ammunition and military technology to bolster Russia's war efforts. This alliance also undermines international sanctions, making it harder to isolate these regimes economically and politically. The partnership has the potential to embolden other authoritarian nations, contributing to greater regional instability in East Asia and beyond.