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AWS success case: Artificial intelligence in iFood

AWS success case: Artificial intelligence in iFood

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iFood, a leading player in the Latin American food delivery market, has implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the experience for both clients and restaurants. The company decided to invest in AI over a year ago, and to support this new initiative, iFood relies on the services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows them to train several models and put them into production in a simple way, without needing to start from scratch. The use of AWS infrastructure has enabled iFood to expand the use of algorithms, resulting in significant gains in productivity and service levels. For example, the delivery SLA increased from 80% to 95%, and the distance traveled by deliverymen had a 12% reduction thanks to the optimization of routes. iFood completes over 39 million orders per month and has reached more than a thousand cities. The company plans to continue expanding its AI activities, focusing on horizontal expansion. With the help of AWS, iFood has been able to achieve significant improvements in its operations and service levels.