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Apple CocoaPods Flaws Affect Millions of Apps - Spiceworks

Apple CocoaPods Flaws Affect Millions of Apps - Spiceworks
Security vulnerabilities in the CocoaPods platform potentially impact millions of applications across the Apple ecosystem. Find out more.

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Critical CocoaPods Vulnerability Makes macOS and iOS Apps Susceptible to Supply Chain Attacks

A critical vulnerability in the CocoaPods dependency manager has been discovered, putting millions of iOS and macOS apps at risk of supply chain attacks. The security flaws, which were patched in October 2023, have exposed thousands of packages, leaving popular applications vulnerable to exploitation. The bugs, including CVE-2024-38366, CVE-2024-38368, and CVE-2024-38367, enable threat actors to inject malicious code into legitimate apps, distribute malware, and compromise user data. While CocoaPods has addressed these vulnerabilities, developers are urged to review security practices and update dependencies to mitigate future risks. This incident underscores the importance of security in dependency management and software development, emphasizing the need for a proactive approach to potential vulnerabilities that may impact user data and applications.