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American Days in Afghanistan - The Geopolitics

American Days in Afghanistan - The Geopolitics
Trapped in the French embassy as the Taliban took Kabul on August 15, 2021, an Afghan reflects on the country's missed opportunities and the deep impacts of the US intervention. #Afghanistan #Taliban #USIntervention

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Asad Kosha, an exiled editor from Afghanistan, recounts his journey from working in a shoemaker's shop in Pakistan to becoming a journalist in Kabul. He describes the impact of the American invasion, the corruption within the Afghan government, and the decline of the Afghan republic under President Ashraf Ghani. Kosha also discusses the challenges faced by civil society organizations and the media in Afghanistan. Ultimately, he expresses his disappointment in the missed opportunity for Afghanistan to build a better future. Kosha's account provides a unique perspective on the country's recent history and the challenges it faces.