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Altana releases next-generation supply chain management platform

Altana releases next-generation supply chain management platform
Altana’s enhanced platform Value Chain Management System is designed to help customers track, identify and manage all the components of their supply chain.

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Altana, a supply chain visibility data and advisory company, is launching its new Value Chain Management System to provide customers with a comprehensive view of their global supply chain. The platform uses AI and machine learning to connect supply chain data, documentation, and analytics, allowing companies to track and manage each component of their value chain. Altana's CEO, Evan Smith, emphasizes the importance of understanding the entire life cycle of a product, including sourcing, production, logistics, and financing. The company's clients, which include UPS, L.L. Bean, and the U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, have benefited from the platform's ability to identify forced labor products and manage trade regulations. Smith highlights the significance of having deeper visibility into potential challenges or risks to the supply chain in real time. The system also offers automated tracing and reporting of multitier value chains for specific products, allowing companies to flag potential risks. Smith notes that global policy drivers are pushing for accountability for the entire indirect value chain, making Altana's new system particularly relevant in today's economy.