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AI Puts Eyes on Durham News | Duke Today

AI Puts Eyes on Durham News | Duke Today

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The 9th Street Journal at Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy is using artificial intelligence to write stories from local government news releases. The AI project aims to cover smaller stories that traditional newsrooms might not assign a reporter to, such as road closures, traffic delays, and event announcements. The publication emphasizes the need for a human editor to review everything that the AI produces to ensure factual accuracy. The project has seen success with over 100 people signing up for it within the first day or two of its availability, indicating a demand for this type of content. The publication also uses an AI image generator to create a funny mashup of the stories, adding a human touch to the AI-generated content. However, the team is aware of the dangers of AI, particularly in the "hallucination" piece, where AI may make up something and state it as fact. The publication is committed to disclosing that the articles were produced by AI and reviewed by human editors to create healthier relationships between AI and readers.