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4 tactics for sustainable supply chain management | Celonis

4 tactics for sustainable supply chain management | Celonis
While organizations seek greater sustainability in their supply chains, many lack ways to target it. See how Process Intelligence is helping our customers.

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Supply Chain Sustainability Efforts Made Easier with Process Intelligence

Supply chain sustainability is increasingly becoming a legislative mandate and a customer expectation. A Deloitte survey found that 32% of consumers trust brands more if they have a transparent, accountable, and socially and environmentally responsible supply chain. Green-line gains can also lead to bottom-line benefits, cutting down inefficiencies in the pursuit for more sustainable operations.

Process Intelligence, such as the one provided by Celonis, is helping companies analyze supply chain processes to understand where sustainability opportunities are hiding and how to capture them. For example, Reckitt and Heidelberg Materials are using Celonis apps to select sustainable vendors and consolidate supplier sustainability data, respectively.

Furthermore, Celonis can help enterprises curb their emissions from material selection, inbound and outbound shipping, and more. For example, Archroma used Celonis Process Intelligence to quantify the carbon emissions of more than 150,000 shipments and reduce their emissions by more than 6%.

Lufthansa CityLine also used Celonis to optimize their fuel-to-order processes, saving 96 kilos of fuel with a more accurate fuel order. This shows that understanding what’s going on across supply chain operations is not only useful for business KPIs but also for tracking, monitoring, and measuring sustainability goals.

Celonis believes that these success stories can inspire companies to push their sustainable operations and entire supply chain in a greener direction.