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3 Semiconductor Stocks to Buy on the Dip: June 2024

3 Semiconductor Stocks to Buy on the Dip: June 2024
Semiconductor stocks are booming. These three semiconductor stocks to buy on the dip are still available at steep discounts.

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Semiconductor Stocks: Opportunities for Investors in 2024

Semiconductor stocks are experiencing record performance due to technological breakthroughs in fields like artificial intelligence. However, not all chip stocks have profited equally, with many companies serving industries that are not enjoying the same demand tailwinds. This has created buying opportunities in three semiconductor stocks.

Intel, despite past returns, has opportunities to return to the game with heavy investments in research and development and future projects. GlobalFoundries, the third largest player in the foundry space, is also investing for growth and is set to come roaring back once sentiment picks up. Photronics, a smaller semiconductor stock, offers a unique way to benefit from current industry conditions and is a great entry point for investors.

Overall, the semiconductor industry is experiencing a boom, and these three stocks present opportunities for investors to capitalize on the dip.