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10 New Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies | StartUs Insights

10 New Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies | StartUs Insights
Explore 10 new healthcare cybersecuirty companies from 1K+ entrants, advancing the industry with unified cybersecurity platforms, device security, big data analytics & more.

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10 Emerging Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies Enhancing Digital Security in the Healthcare Industry

A recent article provides an in-depth analysis of 10 emerging companies that are revolutionizing the cybersecurity of healthcare digital assets. These firms are at the forefront of offering solutions in areas such as vulnerability monitoring, predictive cybersecurity strategies, and device security enhancements. By utilizing digital security technologies, these companies are working to safeguard sensitive medical data and infrastructure from cyber threats. Predictive algorithms and comprehensive monitoring systems are enabling healthcare providers to strengthen their defenses against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Each company is exemplifying new security measures that contribute to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of healthcare services.

Key Takeaways from the Big Data & AI-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform reveal that the healthcare cybersecurity industry is marked by key trends and a substantial workforce, shaping its future. Some of the pivotal healthcare cybersecurity trends include Patient Data Protection, Clinical Cybersecurity Compliance, Threat Intelligence, Cyber Risk Management, and Ransomware Protection. The report also highlights that over 1,000 new healthcare cybersecurity companies were founded in the last five years, with an average funding of USD 19.6 million per round.

The article profiles 10 top healthcare cybersecurity companies, including HEAL Security, Vigilant Ops, Securiwiser, ResolveData, IDmelon, Medarcus, PROREGIA, GlobalM, Medifakt, and Authentick. These companies are pioneering cybersecurity advancements in areas such as situational threat awareness, software bill of materials (SBOM) lifecycle management, cyber vulnerability monitoring, big data-based security analytics, passwordless multi-factor authentication, healthcare data platform, cybersecurity and digitalization solutions for the medical device industry, secure APN as a service platform, decentralized blockchain platform, and cloud-native cybersecurity platform.

The article also provides a quick tip for finding new healthcare cybersecurity companies, emphasizing the benefits of utilizing a SaaS platform like the Discovery Platform for identifying new healthcare cybersecurity companies. This platform offers advanced tools that streamline the scouting process, provides access to real-time insights, and allows for tailored exploration of specific niches within the healthcare cybersecurity sector.

To explore all new healthcare cybersecurity companies and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic landscape of the healthcare cybersecurity industry, readers are encouraged to download the free Cybersecurity Report or schedule a demo of the Discovery Platform for a customized exploration of these groundbreaking developments. Additionally, the article invites experts in startups or technology to collaborate and enrich the content.